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Hi! Welcome to my blog.

I’m Nancy Chauhan. I love to LEARNand EXPLORE. I am an Engineer who focuses on programming and technology. I am always striving to bring 100% to the work I do. I am a quick learner and enjoys problem-solving. I am an open source enthusiast too and loves to explore technology.
Hope you have a nice stay!

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Summer, Code, and Hack!

Librecores provides a platform to share projects and ideas, in the area of free and open-source digital hardware design. Librecores CI is a service to provide CI for hardware projects hosted on Librecores to improve user experience and reliability.

Modifying mor1k Travis CI flow to use Librecores-CI image

It has been almost two weeks since coding phase 1 has started and things are getting clearer with every discussion I have with my mentors Oleg Nenashev and Stafford Horne on Setting up demo CI flow for mor1kx. Till now I have worked on modifying mor1kx Travis CI flow to use Librecores-CI docker image.