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Hi! Welcome to my blog.

I’m Nancy Chauhan. I love to LEARN and EXPLORE. I'm a Student, Electronics Hobbyist, Artist,Open Source Software and Hardware Contributor from Noida, India. I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Information and Technology, Una , In.
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Latest Posts

My Summer with Librecores CI

This year I have got the opportunity to work with Fossi Foundation as a Google Summer of Code Student Developer 2019. I will be working on project Continuous Integration for Hardware Projects on LibreCores CI

Getting Selected-Processing Fellowship

The Processing Foundation Fellowships support artists, coders, and collectives in visionary projects that conceive a new direction for what Processing as a software and a community can do.

My Journey with Aavesh

Aavesh is a Technical Society of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Information Technology Una. It was founded in January 2019. Aavesh started its journey to nurture the interest in electronics and relevant arenas. Aavesh is for all those electronic fanatics who have the boldness to concede the challenges in the field of hardware, who have the capabilities to turn imagination to reality. I have faith that Aavesh will reach up to great heights .

How Programs meets Electrons?

As we say “ Know the menu before you order food” and so the question arises how exactly problems , algorithms works ! Just a short blog depicting the interaction of Problems / Algorithms with Electrons.