By Nancy Chauhan

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The Processing Foundation Fellowships support artists, coders, and collectives in visionary projects that conceive a new direction for what Processing as a software and a community can do.

I received my selection mail for Processing Fellowship on 26 Feb 2019 around 7–8 PM and I responded to it by shouting “We got selected Shaharyar, wooowww !!!”( it was awkward because we were in a library ! ). I was quite excited and delighted to be working with processing people. I have been inclined to creativity and technology since my childhood and Processing Foundation is the right place for a creative technologist.

Project Description

I am working with Manaswini Das ( Leftmost), Shaharyar Shamshi(Rightmost)and Mentor: Mathura Govindarajan. Our goal is to empower people of the Indian community of all backgrounds to learn how to program. This will be achieved by providing Processing tools to the Indian community in their native language, Hindi, and preparing educators by collaborating with various NGOs and individuals to build a more diverse community around the software. Our Fellowship extends from March 1, 2019- May 31, 2019.

How to get selected ?

You need to keep yourself updated with when the Fellowship Program becomes active. Fellows are selected based on the proposal. Fellowships emphasize projects that expand Processing and its affiliated projects, as well as the evolution of a fellow’s practice.

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