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My Journey with Aavesh

Nancy Chauhan
May 9th, 2019 · 1 min read

Aavesh is a Technical Society of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Information Technology Una. It was founded in January 2019. Aavesh started its journey to nurture the interest in electronics and relevant arenas. Aavesh is for all those electronic fanatics who have the boldness to concede the challenges in the field of hardware, who have the capabilities to turn imagination to reality. I have faith that Aavesh will reach up to great heights .

With fewer resources and time , ‘Aavesh’ as a team came up with remarkable output. Aavesh organized various technical events , workshops & hardware exhibition under technical fest of IIIT UNA - Meraki 2019. I feel quite proud of myself for starting the society from scratch and holding the responsiblity of forming a team and leading it. To bring something into existence requires great amount of effort and teamwork. With the support of Director IIIT UNA , Prof. S. Selvakumar and wonderful Mentor Mr. Sumit Kumar , and most importantly all team members , Aavesh became a huge success.

I believe Aavesh holds a great future and will achieve great heights.To work late night on projects and to ensure to get everything done on time with harmony made me realized that i just learned to lead a team . It was one of the best experience of my college life !

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