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Hi, I'm Nancy.

Welcome to my blog!

I love adventures. Currently, I am an Engineer at Grofers, India. Outside Engineering, I love creating vector illustrations, photography or reading about various topics. Hope you have a nice stay!

RootConf Delhi 2020

This year I had an opportunity to attend, volunteer, and deliver a Flash talk at Rootconf Delhi 2020. In this blog, I want to share my experience as a volunteer.

May 3rd, 20203 min read

Docker on mac vs linux

Docker is different on Mac and Linux systems. Docker directly leverages the kernel of the host system on Linux. On the other hand, Mac does not provide a Linux kernel, so Docker runs on a small Linux VM running on a mac. Due to this, there are many differences.

April 20th, 20201 min read

Summer, Code, and Hack!

This summer, I worked on developing continuous integration pipeline for hardware projects during GSoC 2019.

August 22nd, 20192 min read

Coding Phase 2 with Librecores CI, OpenRISC, Fusesoc & Jenkins

This blog defines my work of Coding Phase 2 of GSoC

June 30th, 20191 min read
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