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Hi, I'm Nancy.

Welcome to my blog!

I love adventures. I am a Software Engineer from India. Outside Engineering, I love creating vector illustrations, photography, or reading about various topics. I hope you have a nice stay!

Improve observability using Stackdriver metrics programmatically

A few months back, I worked on building an observability solution for data pipelines 馃洜. There was the use case where I had to get the count of messages published in a pub/sub topic for streaming sources. I was exploring various ways to achieve this, and one of the quickest ways I found was using Stackdriver. 馃殌

May 20th, 20222 min read

What did I learn after running the wrong set of migrations on the database?

Recently at my work, I applied the wrong set of migrations in the database. It eventually broke the stuff and no one could access the system. I panicked, but I focused more on learning new things!

March 15th, 20224 min read
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